About Us

The Label Alliance Inc. is a manufacturer of extremely high quality labels and tags with over 60 years of experience in the industry.  Our Orange County, CA facility specializes in producing labels with multiple embellishments and special effects.

Our label manufacturing capabilities include high quality flexographic printing, hot stamping (metallic printing in many hues), deeply detailed multi-level (3-D) embossing, custom color matching, custom tinting of base foil stocks, in-house/in-line texturing of paper stocks, holographic images, specialty coatings, lamination,  and more.

We print on a variety of pressure sensitive adhesive coated materials including a wide array of fine papers, foils, paper/foil laminates, thermal stocks, clear/matte/pigmented and metalized films (polypropylene, polyester, vinyl and other polyolefins).

We also offer non-adhesive coated materials to produce tags and hang-tags.

The markets we serve are extremely diverse. They include but are not limited to:  wine and beverage, cosmetics, vitamins and supplements (nutraceuticals), fruits, vegetables and other produce, fragrances, fast foods, gourmet foods and confections, medical products, aerospace, computer, consumer electronics, automotive, garments, sporting goods, and many others.