Wines & Spirits Label Printing

As a producer of fine wine or spirits, you know that your image if very important.  Your customers’ perception is their reality!

At The Label Alliance, we walk you through every step of the label production process, from design concept, to pre-press, to printing, insuring that your labels are of the highest quality, and reflective of exactly the image you wish to project.  The objective is to differentiate your fine beverage from those of your competitors.

Whether you are looking for a classic, traditional label, or a more contemporary, “edgy” concept, we can help you choose the best label design, incorporating a wide variety of embellishments, as you wish.

Wine & Spirits Label Manufacturing Details

Fine Papers 

 Most wine and spirits labels are printed on high quality estate papers, laminated or solid foils. In some cases, completely waterproof films are utilized.

Label Embellishments

We use specialty tooling, rare equipment, and experienced, skilled craftsmen to produce many special effects on your labels.  Examples include:


3D Embossing(Multi-Level)  Specific areas, or design elements, such as raised lettering and/or logos, as well as certain graphics, such as grape clusters, or winery buildings are embossed to invite visual and tactile attention to your beverage!
Foiling/Hot Stamping Metallic lettering and/or graphics produced in an infinite variety of metallic hues.
Tinted Foil
Tinted Foil Base gold or silver foils are printed with transparent inks, and in varied screen values to produce custom colored foil labels.
Paper Texturing  Using specialized tooling, we can impart virtually any texture (“estate” patterns, linen, or a pattern completely unique to your label)
Spot UV Gloss: Specific areas of the label are printed with a very high gloss varnish, in order to call further attention to an area, a graphic, your company name or logo, in contrast with an otherwise matte estate fine paper.